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Extreme Energy Efficiency Construction: "We Could Have Gone Passive House"

OnDemand Webinar (97 minutes)

Gain a solid understanding of energy-efficient construction and create affordable super-energy efficient structures.

The confluence of new energy-efficiency requirements in the building code and the international voluntary Passive House extreme energy standard plus the technology it has spawned provide an opportunity to create affordable super-energy efficient homes and multi-family structures. Paul Grahovac, a former construction defects trial lawyer now deeply involved in the high-performance segment of the construction industry as a product technical manager, lays out a concise, easily understandable, interesting, and some say entertaining explanation of the building science, building technology, and associated comparative costs of extreme energy-efficient construction. Gain a solid understanding of the basics of energy-efficient construction for single- and multi-family projects.


Paul Grahovac, LEED? AP, Build Smart, LLC and PROSOCO, Inc.


What Is Passive House?

Passive House U.S.

Passive House Europe

Single-Family / Multifamily

United States Department of Energy Recognition

The Seven Passive House Principals

Aesthetics No Longer a Hindrance

The Market Drivers for Pre-Fabrication

Pre-Fabrication Alternatives

General Contractor Drivers for Pre-Fabricated Passive House Building Components

Code and Passive House Air Barrier Requirements

Code and Passive House Insulation Requirements

The Great Window Problem in the U.S.

Certified Passive House Windows From Europe

Single-Family Cost Comparisons

Multifamily Cost Comparisons

Multifamily 60% Reduction in HVAC Capital Costs

Passive House Adoption by State Multifamily Housing Finance Agencies