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Land Development Ethics

OnDemand Webinar (90 minutes)

Ethical issues are widespread throughout the development process.

Many ethical issues are avoidable if the developer, its attorney(s), consultants and others involved on their behalf make sure to understand their role in the development process and the ethical pitfalls throughout. From the initial interactions with public agencies and its officials through the final approval(s) for a development, there are many ethical issues with financial interests, contributions, documentation and meetings which need to be understood in order to avoid a mistake which could endanger the project. This topic will assist people to identify many of the ethical issues, provide guidance on the requirements of each of these issues, and understand the penalties and other detrimental impacts to those involved or the development which could have been avoided.


Douglas E. Wance, Esq., Buchalter Nemer PLC


Overview of Ethical Issues for Land Development

• Meetings With or Involving Public Agency Personnel

• Contributions or Financial Interests in a Project

• Public Documentation


• Function of Laws

• The Who, What, Where, When and How to Meet

• Key Issues to Remember

• Violations

Political Contributions and Financial Interests

• Function of Laws

• Contributions

• Financial Interests

• Violations

Public Records

• Function of Laws

• Agencies Affected

• Documentation Available to the Public

• Violations

Conflicts of Interests

Confluence of Ethical Issues and Land Development