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Legal Human Resources Challenges All Paralegals Must Know

OnDemand Webinar (90 minutes)

Learn the legal aspect of HR professionals and best practices in managing any issues that may arise.Unless you have extensive human resources legal and practical experience, what you think you know is either wrong or less than accurate. Labor and employment laws are rarely intuitive, and they evolve to meet the challenges caused by employers and employees pushing them to their limits. Novice paralegals, lawyers, and human resources directors who do not understand the nuance of these laws will make costly mistakes. This information helps paralegals and other HR professionals understand how the laws are applied, and it is invaluable for individuals entering the field, as well as experienced professionals who need a refresher This information will explain the roles of the various HR professionals, the labor and employment laws as they are actually applied, and the best practices for dealing with HR issues from a legal and practical prospective. For example, you already know that discrimination is against the law, but do you know how discrimination is proven? Do you know how to conduct an interview concerning a sexual harassment charge? Do you know how to calculate overtime properly? You will after this topic.


Frank L. Kollman, Kollman & Saucier, P.A.


Your Role as a Paralegal

• Working With Attorneys

- Establishing Your Role

- Making Your Value Known

• Working With HR Directors

• Working With Clients

• Litigation Support

- Complaints and Answers

- Discovery

- Trial Preparation

- Damages and Experts

• Drafting

The Laws

• Federal

- National Labor Relations Act

- Fair Labor Standards Act

- Civil Rights Act of 1964


- Occupational Safety and Health Act

- Americans With Disabilities Act

- Family and Medical Leave Act

• State Laws

- Unemployment

- Workers' Compensation

- Jury Duty

- Voting

- Wage Payment and Collection

- Meal and Breaks

- Independent Contractors

- Ban the Box

- Lie Detector and Personality Testing

Drafting Documents

• Do's and Don'ts of Good Writing

• Specific Documents

- Employee Handbook

- Employment Agreements

- Disciplinary Forms

- Personnel Files

- Termination Letters


• How to Conduct Interviews

• How to Draft Reports


• Privilege

• Making Yourself Indispensable