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How to Steer Clear of Health Care Fraud and Abuse

OnDemand Webinar (94 minutes)

Gain valuable insights on best practices and compliance plans that will help you avoid health care fraud and abuse.

Increasingly, health care transactions and claims are coming under the scrutiny of the federal government. Consequences for noncompliance with health care fraud and abuse laws can be severe. In this topic, we will discuss The Big Three - Federal fraud and abuse laws, go over recent trends and enforcement with health care fraud and abuse, and cover tips and tricks on how to avoid health care fraud and abuse all together (compliance strategies, evaluating risk, audits and self-reporting, etc.) Finally, we will share lessons learned from companies that fell victim to health care fraud and abuse. You will learn practical applications to help you avoid pitfalls and penalties that come with health care fraud and abuse.


Stephen A. Manuele, Feldman Kieffer, LLP



Federal Fraud and Abuse Laws- "the Big Three"

• Stark Law

• Anti-Kickback Law

• False Claims Act

Recent Trends and Enforcement

• Recent Judicial Decisions

• Enforcement Actions

Compliance Strategies

• Evaluating Risk

• Fair Market Value

• Importance of Structure

• Audits and Self-Reporting