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Utilizing Opt-Out Incentives to Cut Health Care Costs

OnDemand Webinar (56 minutes)

Explore effective health care cost-cutting procedures and learn how to implement the best choice for your company.As the cost of providing health coverage has skyrocketed, employers have searched for strategies to control their employee benefits budget. One increasingly popular strategy is an opt-out incentive program for employees. Such programs provide employees with an incentive, often in the form of cash payment, to decline employer-provided health coverage. Employees electing these opt-out incentives may or may not have alternative coverage available to them. Although such programs may seem simple enough, they are rife with multiple 'compliance landmines' that can trip up unwary employers. This material helps employee benefits and human resources professionals understand the compliance problems that can arise from opt-out incentive programs. You will learn how to spot problem spots in existing programs as well as tips for developing compliant and effective programs.


Eric N. Athey, McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC


The Rise of Opt-out Incentives

• Market Data

• Litigation Risks

• Minimum Participation Requirements/Adverse Selection

Compliance Concerns With Opt-out Incentives

• Affordable Care Act

• Medicare/Tricare

• HIPAA Special Enrollment

• Section 125/FSAs

• Fair Labor Standards Act

• Tax Issues

• Collective Bargaining

• State Law Issues

Designing an Opt-out Incentive Program

• Eligibility Criteria

• Cash Incentives and Alternatives

• Documentation Requirements