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The Art of Creating Design Patents

OnDemand Webinar (92 minutes)

Gain an understanding on what it takes to design a design patent and how intellectual property is protected.

Many business owners and inventors who wish to protect their intellectual property do not always understand the difference between the different types of patents and do not understand that there are different types of patents and do not understand the difference between a design patent and utility patent. This program helps business owners and inventors to understand the basic differences between the types of intellectual property and specifically design patents. It also explains what are the advantages and disadvantages of a design patent.


Andrew G. Vicknair, Shields | Mott LLP


Intellectual Property Basics

• Copyrights

• Trademarks

• Trade Secrets

• Patents

Design Patent

• Types of Patents

• What Is a Design Patent?

• Design Patents vs. Utility Patents

• Advantages and Disadvantages

• Drawings

• Protection

• Registration - Application Process

• Other Types of Protection