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Collaboration in the Classroom: Implementing Effective Co-Teaching Arrangements

OnDemand Webinar (90 minutes)

Identify and understand numerous strategies for ensuring success in co-teaching.Our nation's classrooms are comprised of increasingly diverse learners. Many school districts are employing co-teaching as a strategy to support these diverse learners in general education settings. The most predominate pairing of educators as co-teachers tends to be that of a general education teacher with either a special educator or an English learning specialist. Many general educators do not feel that their teacher preparation program prepared them to meet the needs of diverse learners. Further, they are unaccustomed to teaching with another person. Interventionists such as special educators and English learning specialists often do not have mastery of the content being taught in general education settings, historically having worked with learners who struggle to learn in small groups in settings outside of the general education classroom. Additionally, many people assigned to co-teach have not received any training in how to co-teach. This topic clarifies what co-teaching is and is not and provides you with an understanding of the unique features, advantages of, and cautions associated with the four major approaches to co-teaching. You will receive tools to assist you to establish trust, communicate and, coordinate your efforts, and jointly plan co-taught lessons. Administrative responsibilities to promote co-teaching will be discussed and answers to the most frequently asked questions about co-teaching will be provided.


Richard A. Villa, Bayridge Consortium, Inc.


The What and Why of Co-Teaching

• What Co-Teaching Is and Is Not

• Legal Rationale for Co-Teaching

• Research Rationale for Co-Teaching

Compare and Contrast the Major Approaches to Co-Teaching

• Supportive Co-Teaching

• Parallel Co-Teaching

• Complementary Co-Teaching

• Team Co-Teaching

Tools to Facilitate Trust, Communication, Coordination, and Planning

• Issues for Planning and Discussion

• Roles and Responsibilities Matrix

• If One Is Doing This, the Other Could Be Doing…

• Co-Teaching Tracking Matrix

• Are We Really Co-Teachers Self-Assessment

• Lesson Planning Template

Administrative Actions to Promote Co-Teaching

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Co-Teaching

• How Do You Schedule Resources and Personnel for Co-Teaching?

• How Much Planning Time Is Required?

• How Many Students With IEPs Can Be in a Co-Taught Class?

• Should Co-Teaching Be Voluntary?