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Explore Florida's Complex E-Filing System

OnDemand Webinar (98 minutes)

Gain an understanding on the basics along with the different platforms within the E-Filing Portal system.Beyond the mechanics of simply filing through the E-Filing Portal, you will gain essential insight into the developing comprehensive statewide uniform electronic court system, which includes properly creating the digital document for filing in the court file, significant issues concerning service, the ethical importance of your signature as counsel or as a self-represented litigant, and issues of access to the electronic court file, and retention of digital court records.


Murray B. Silverstein, Greenspoon Marder, P.A.


Greater Access to Courts and Court Records Through Technology

• Florida's Court System

• The Clerks of Court

• The Florida Courts Technology Commission (FCTC)

• The Florida Courts E-Filing Portal

Court Rules to Accommodate Technology

• Florida's Constitutional Protections of Privacy and Public Access to Court Records

• The Redaction Requirement Before Filing

• The Confidentiality Requirement Upon Filing

• Ethics: The Signature Rule and Why It's Important in the Digital World

E-Filing and Service Through the Portal

• Registering Through the Portal - User Roles

• Filing Through the Portal

• Metadata, Exhibits, and Size Limitations

• Service and Significant Issues

• Self-Represented Litigants

Access, Storage and Retention

• The Florida Courts Technology Standards

• The Access Security Matrix

• Digital Court Records - Revisited

• The Digital Court File and Searchable Documents

Future Progress and Anticipated Enhancements