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Delegating Legal Work: Proceed with Caution

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Understand how to ethically and effectively delegate work to nonlawyers, and learn what work should and should not be delegated.

This topic is intended to provide you with a better understanding of how to effectively delegate legal work to nonattorneys. Although most attorneys utilize nonattorney staff to perform aspects of legal work, delegation can be a minefield of potential malpractice, or even lead to the unauthorized practice of law. From this information you should be able to identify tasks that are appropriate for delegation, and understand those tasks that cannot be delegated to nonlawyers. The topic will cover ethical rules that govern delegation and supervision of work as well as discuss the potential pitfalls of delegation and provide strategies for effective delegation.


Natalie P. Vance, Klinedinst PC


Benefits of Delegating Tasks to NonLawyers

• Reduced Costs to Clients

• Freedom to Work on Higher Level Work

• Better Workflow

Identification of Tasks to Delegate

• Know Your Team

• Understand What Tasks Are Delegable

• Understand Tasks That Cannot Be Delegated

Ethical Rules Impacting Delegation of Legal Work

• Rules Relating to Unauthorized Practice

• Rules Relating to Supervision

• Rules Relating to Duties to Court and Client Impacted by Delegation

Potential Pitfalls of Delegation

• Miscommunications

• Errors

• Lack of Control Over Work

• Difficulties With Supervision

• Requires NonBillable Time

Strategies for Effective Delegation

• Be Realistic

• Communication at All Stages of Delegation

• Provide Deadlines With Ample Time for Review and Revision

• Invest in Your Staff

• Verify Work Is Accurate

• Don't Substitute Anyone Else's Judgment for Your Own

• Understand Appropriate Tasks for Delegation

• Supervise the Work

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