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Creating a School Crisis Response Plan

OnDemand Webinar (96 minutes)

Learn essential tips for preparing for and responding to a school-based crisis.All schools experience some level of crisis and there is a greater chance of managing a crisis situation if a plan is in place. An effective school crisis response plan helps to mitigate the traumatic impacts of a crisis and facilitates a return to baseline and pre-crisis functioning. This topic provides school personnel with the tools needed to develop a school crisis response plan that includes consideration of best practices, federal regulations, cultural issues, and individual school needs. This material will also explain the roles and functions of crisis teams and those factors that should be considered when selecting crisis team members. Failing to create a crisis response plan that integrates best practices and the school's unique characteristics and setting can contribute to crisis-related stress and prolong the recovery process. This content provides guidance to school personnel on how to create an effective crisis plan that will promote the physical and psychological safety of the entire school community.


M. Franci Crepeau-Hobson, University of Colorado Denver


Guiding Principles of Crisis Plan Development

• Build on What Is Already in Place

• Align With Incident Command System and Legal Requirements and Local Policies

• Form an Effective Crisis Team

Key Components of School Crisis Plans

• Roles and Responsibilities of Crisis Team Members

• Preparedness Components Across the Four Emergency Management Phases

• Response and Recovery Components

Other Considerations

• Staff Level Plan

• Cultural Considerations

• Building-Specific Considerations