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Statutory Research Fundamentals for Paralegals

OnDemand Webinar (90 minutes)

Whenever a case or issue is covered by statutory authority, there may be questions as to what the language of the statute means and how it can be applied to a given situation.Statutory research is sometimes a two-step battle. Not only is it frequently difficult to find what you need but then when you find what you think might be the right statute, it is often rather difficult to comprehend. This material is here to solve both of those problems. Take time for a quick review of the basics (how a bill becomes a law, anyone?) and then dive into how to track down and interpret statutory law. We will examine tips and tricks for performing statutory research and examining when book research might be better than online research. Finally, we will tackle the arduous process of using research to help you interpret a statute once you do find it. Don't look now, but we might actually have you enjoying statutory research by the end.


Jenna L. Beck, Esq., Sinclair College


What Is a Statute?

• The U.S. Code

• State Code Publications

• Local Ordinances and the Like

Statutory Research: Tips and Tricks

• Book Research

• Online Research - Paid

• Online Research - Free

I Found the Statute I Need - Now What?

• Interpreting Statutory Language

• Explaining the Unexplainable

• Next Steps