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Improving Performance and Productivity in Students with ADHD With Organization and Planning Skills

OnDemand Webinar (68 minutes)

Help improve student performance with the building blocks for a successful school career.

Don't let your students with ADHD fall behind. It has long been recognized by counselors, teachers, and parents that children afflicted with ADHD often demonstrate deficits in managing their school assignments and organizing their actions to do so. Both anecdotal and research reports describe how children with ADHD do not record or recall their homework assignments, misplace important books and papers, lose track of time so that they rush or fail to meet time deadlines, and do not develop effective plans for projects, papers, or studying for tests. These reports also indicate that these problems contribute to poor grades, decreased motivation, and conflict between parents and children and teachers and students. Following a decade of programmatic research to identify and remediate specific organization, time management, and planning deficits in ADHD, this topic will help you learn the foundation of effective methods for the evaluation and treatment of organization, time management, and planning deficits in elementary and middle school students with ADHD. This information will serve to expand your capacity to assist students with ADHD overcome a major functional impairment.


Richard Gallagher, Ph.D., New York University School of Medicine


The Nature of Organization, Time Management, and Planning (OTMP) Deficits in ADHD

• The Forms of OTMP Problems Found in Research in Elementary and Middle School Students

• The Frequency of OTMP Problems in Elementary and Middle School Students With ADHD

• The Relationship of Deficits in OTMP and Executive Function Deficits in Students With ADHD

Treatment Methods for Building OTMP Skills in Students With ADHD

• How to Evaluate the Level of OTMP Skills

• How to Engage Students, Parents, and Teachers in Building Skills

• How to Organize a Treatment Program for Individuals

• Summary of Research on Individual Remediation Approaches

The Main Skill Building Components

• Tools and Routines to Improve Tracking of Assignments

• Tools and Routines for Improving Materials Management

• How to Improve Skills in Time Management

• The Main Elements in Teaching Planning Skills

Adapting to Group and Classroom Applications

• Structuring a Group Program

• Resources for Classroom-Wide Application

- Special Education Settings

- General Education Settings