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Water Infrastructure Asset Management

OnDemand Webinar (91 minutes)

Understand how to use asset management as an effective tool to control investment needs and plan strategies to sustain the systems.Water infrastructure systems require major capital investments by water management organizations. Water infrastructure systems range from dams and river works to urban water supply, wastewater, and stormwater systems. They also include systems for production in the food, industry and energy sectors. Water distribution systems for cities comprise two million miles of buried main that are aging and requiring condition assessment and renewal. These issues pose many challenges to public works officials and support organizations. Asset management is an effective tool to control investment needs and plan strategies to sustain the systems. It is a data-centered approach to planning and management and to explain investment needs and rate increases. Emerging technologies are leading to its use in intelligent water systems.


Professor Neil S. Grigg, Colorado State University


Why Asset Management Systems for Water Infrastructure

• Types and Functions of Water Infrastructure Systems

• Benefits From Asset Management Programs

Tools for Asset Management

• Condition Assessment

• Risk Assessment

• Life Cycle Assessment

• Data Systems to Support Asset Management

• Maintenance Management

• Certifications in Asset Management

How to Prepare an Asset Management Plan

• Steps in Asset Management Planning

• Examples of Effective Asset Management Systems

Funding the Asset Management Plan

• Economic Evaluation of Asset Decisions

• Capital Programming and Budgeting

Building Public and Political Support

• Overcoming Obstacles to Implementation of Asset Management Programs

• Business Case Development

• New Thinking About Asset Management for Water Infrastructure