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Federal Cases From Pleading to Judgment for Paralegals

OnDemand Webinar (91 minutes)

Gain a refresher on important strategies and preparation techniques when practicing in federal court.A thorough understanding of the federal trial process equips the paralegal to make valuable contributions to the trial team. Failure to understand how the litigation process works can lead to a waste of both the client's and the trial team's time, potentially hindering a successful outcome. The information is presented by a 20-year veteran of the federal court, and he will guide you through federal court deadlines, strategies for motion practice, and case preparation tactics. You will learn how to deal with missed deadlines, evidence problems, and effective use of magistrates. This topic is designed for anyone practicing in federal court.


Frank A. Zacherl, Shutts & Bowen LLP


Discovery - Uncovering What Happened

• Rule 26 and Determining the Scope of Discovery

• Case Management Conference

• Scheduling Order

• Depositions to Perpetuate Testimony - Will the Witness Be Available at Trial Time?

• Inspections


• Rule 56 - Summary Judgment

• Motion Practice Rules

• Rules for Filing Opposition to Motion

• Sur-Reply Rules

• Hearing - Judge's Requirements?

Expert - Do We Need One?

• Consider Daubert and the Testing of Experts' Methods and Reliability When Selecting

• What to and Not to Send to an Expert

• Disclosing Report - Rule 26(a)(2)

• Preparing the Expert to Testify

Winning at Trial

• Jury Selection - Voir Dire

• Opening and Closing Arguments

• Evidence

• Witnesses and Impeachment

• Verdict Form


• Celebrating or Preparing for Appeal