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ADA Design Standards - Are You in Compliance?

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Make sure you are ADA compliant so you can avoid complaints and potential litigation.Facilities that do not comply with the ADA Standards can be difficult for people to use, and can also lead to complaints and potentially, litigation. It is important to understand the application of the ADA and other standards for various types of facilities so you can avoid these situations. This topic will provide you with the tools to determine which requirements apply, develop a plan to execute and verify compliant spaces, and identify the impact on your industry. We will also look at trends in current litigation, and how new guidance may enact further requirements.


Doug Anderson, LCM Architects Kate Gonzalez, LCM Architects


Introduction to the 2010 ADA Standards

• Time Frames for New Construction and Alterations

• Key Requirements of the Title II and Title III Regulations

• Challenges to Applying Accessibility Requirements

Planning for Compliance

• Understanding How to Apply 2010 ADA Standards in New Buildings and Existing Buildings

• Design as a Tool for Compliance

• Identifying Possible Challenges for Different Industries

• Verifying That Standards Are Met

The Future of Accessibility

• Examining Current Litigation

• Pending Guidance