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Form 5500 Filing Requirements with Wrap Documents

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Gain an understanding of the Form 5500 requirements for Wrap Documents and make sure you are in compliance.

Each year, thousands of employers are fined by the Department of Labor for failing to submit an annual Form 5500 or for providing incorrect information on Form 5500. These forms are important disclosure tools used by the government to protect plan participants and beneficiaries and the fines associated with noncompliance are very costly. Many employers who utilize Wrap Documents struggle to navigate the complicated instructions and either fail to complete or fail to submit Form 5500, resulting in significant penalties. This topic helps those individuals responsible for compliance to understand the Form 5500 requirements for Wrap Documents. It explains how to fill out these forms correctly and what to do to get in compliance with federal law. This information is critical for employers so they can ensure they are meeting their obligations under ERISA and avoiding fines that could easily reach hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Brady C. Bizarro, Esq., The Phia Group, LLC Jennifer McCormick, Esq., The Phia Group, LLC



• Wrap Documents: Purpose, Types, Requirements

• Form 5500: In-Depth Review

• Case Studies and Best Practices

Wrap Documents

• Background and Component Parts

• ERISA Requirements

• Considerations for Compliance

Form 5500s

• Filing - Who, What, How?

• Compliance and Penalties

• Case Studies and the DFVCP