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Retirement Strategies With Increasing Health Care Costs

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Ease the minds of clients and understand solutions to the exposure to high medical costs.The biggest concern of any retired person is whether health care costs will drain their retirement savings. The foremost worry is of an extended stay in a nursing home. This is heightened fear, for a married couple, that high medical costs may leave a surviving spouse destitute. This topic will detail how persons can be exposed to high health care costs - what is and is not covered under Medicare and other government benefits and insurance plans. The material will also detail how retirement accounts and other assets can be protected from these costs.


Thomas J. Murphy, Murphy Law Firm, Inc.


Spiraling Health Care Costs for the Elderly

Health Care Costs for the Elderly - What Is Covered and What Is Not?


• Eligibility and Enrollment Periods

• Premiums and Co-Pays

• Holes in Medicare

- Part B

- Part D

- Hearing, Vision, and Dental

- Medigap Policies

- Very Limited Long-Term Care Coverage

• Medicare Advantage Plans


• Filling Some of Medicare's Holes in Coverage

• High Costs of Privately Paying for Long-Term Care

• Basic Eligibility Criteria

• Estate Recovery Upon Death

Long-Term Care Insurance

• Advantages and Disadvantages

Reverse Mortgages

Creditor Protected Assets

• ERISA Creditor Protection for 401ks and Other Employer Plans

• Bankruptcy Creditor Protection for Retirement Accounts

• State Law Creditor Protection for Retirement Accounts

• Other Creditor Protected Assets

- Homestead

- Life Insurance