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Fundamental Banking of the Medical, Legal and Accounting Professional

OnDemand Webinar (96 minutes)

This topic will provide the banker with a strong background in banking the medical, legal, and accounting professional.The topic will address the three most important issues in providing bank products and services to these professionals including marketing to the practice, financing the practice, and managing the relationship. The marketing section will cover 'targeting' the bank's products/services to fulfill the banking needs of doctors (MDs, dentists, optometrists), attorneys, and CPAs. The 'mind-set' of these practitioners will also be reviewed. The financing section will include typical bank 'lending' and 'deposit services' and effective 'credit underwriting' of the professional practice including financial statement and cash flow analyses. The relationship management section will explore ways to more effectively work with the professional, from a 'psychological' standpoint, and better interact with their office manager and staff. Case studies will be utilized throughout the material to reinforce the concepts.


David L. Osburn, M.B.A., CCRA, Osburn & Associates, LLC


Provide the Banker With a Background in Banking the Medical, Legal, and Accounting Professional

Discuss the Three Most Important Issues in Banking the Professional-Marketing, Financing and Management

Review "Target" Marketing to the Practice, Financial Statement and Cash Flow Analyses of the Practice, and Building the "Relationship" With the Professional and Their Team