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Construction Project Management in Remote Locations: Site Considerations and Unique Challenges

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Learn about the many issues related to construction projects in remote locations.We live in a small world. Technology has allowed us to communicate, monitor, and control projects from any point. However, management of projects in remote locations requires a lot of planning and preparation. Failure to do so may be a recipe for disaster. Many people take on ventures in different and remote locations, either without the proper required homework or by making unrealistic and improper assumption. This information will shed some light on many issues related to projects in remote locations; both within the same country or in different countries. It starts with the planning and covers important tasks such as cost estimating, scheduling, risk management, and resource planning and management. Most importantly, it takes the attendee "out of the box" to think differently and creatively for a new situation. This masterial may not and will not answer all the questions for projects in remote locations, but it raises many points and stimulates the minds into preparing to face challenges and finding solutions to these challenges.


Saleh Mubarak, Saleh A. Mubarak, Ph. D.


The Construction Industry; Local, Regional and International Companies

• Remote Location Within and Outside the Country?

Organization's Strategic Plan for Geographic Expansion

• The Legal Side; The Financial Side

• The Resources Requirement

• It Is All About Risk Management!


• Doing the Homework Before Going There

• Feasibility Studies

• Making Assumptions

• The Laws, the Rules, the Language, and the Culture

• The Climate/the Season

• The Local "Anchor"

Risk Management Plan

• Risk Register

• Political/Economic/Security/Legal/Logistical/Other Risks

The Contract and Delivery Method

• The Contract Template/General and Special Conditions

The Cost Estimate

• Direct Cost

• Indirect Cost

• Bonds and Insurance

• Estimating Contingency and Profit

• Currency Exchange/Inflation and Escalation

The Schedule

• Work Calendars

• Contingency Time

• Optimum Scheduling

• Modularization

Resource Acquisition and Management

• Skilled and Common Labor

• Equipment

• Materials


Site Safety


• Communications

• Documentation