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Fair Labor Standards Act: Coverage and Compliance Issues

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Get up to date on the most recent FLSA issues and make sure you are in compliance.The requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act are complex. Employers often misunderstand the act's exemptions, and the rules for determining overtime pay. Misunderstandings about these critical concepts can expose an employer to millions of dollars in back pay claims. This content will explain the requirements for each of the three white-collar exemptions (administrative, executive and professional), how to make sure that your employees are properly classified, and how to avoid losing an exemption through improper salary deductions. You will learn how to determine what activities qualify as hours worked, and how to determine the regular rate of pay.


Calvin R. House, Gutierrez, Preciado & House, LLP


Who Does the FLSA Cover?

• Enterprise Coverage

• Individual Coverage

What Are the Requirements for the White-Collar Exemptions?

• Executive

• Administrative

• Professional

What Constitutes Hours Worked?

• General Rule

• Unauthorized Overtime

• Preparatory Activities

• Travel Time

• On-Call Time

What Is the Regular Rate of Pay?

Current Compliance Issues

• Proposed Changes to the Salary Requirement

• Application to the On-Demand Economy