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Amending Tax Return Errors and Misstatements

OnDemand Webinar (96 minutes)

Protect you and your clients by utilizing this guide of rules and regulations of amending tax returns.Mistakes of any kind are a common occurrence. That's why pencils have erasers. And should your errors be a misstatement of information on the various required tax forms and not a mere mathematical error that the Internal Revenue Service will automatically correct; be proactive and amend the returns as soon as you become aware of substantial errors and before the IRS contacts you. On both personal and business returns, amendments occur due to changes in total income or deductions and credits whether or not they were originally forgotten or overlooked. You will gain insight as to the IRS regulations of amending tax returns and guide you through the mechanics of the 1040 X, 1120 X and other forms to accurately correct personal, corporation, partnership income and payroll tax returns.


Marcia L. Miller, M.B.A., E.A., Financial Horizons, Inc.


Amending Personal Income Tax Returns

• Form 1040 X - Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return

• Correct Filing Status Rules

• IRS Facts on Filing an Amended Return

Amending Corporation Income Tax Returns

• Form 1120 X - Amended U. S. Corporation Income Tax Return

• Form 1139 - Corporation Application for Tentative Refund

Amending Partnership Income Returns

• Form 1065 X - Amended U.S. Return or Administrative Adjustment Request (AAR)

• Amending Schedules K - 1

Amending Partnership Income Returns

• Forms 1099/1096

• Forms W-2C/W-3C

• Forms 941X, 944X, 945X, 940