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Using Digital and Social Media to Acquire and Expand Client Relationships

OnDemand Webinar (96 minutes)

Gain an understanding of how to stay compliant with FINRA while using your digital presence and social media to obtain new clients.

This topic will describe how to establish your personal brand and engage clients using social media and digital tools in a regulatory environment. We will explore how to tailor your Revenue Architecture™ to create an effective digital and social media presence to build awareness and engage clients. You will learn how to identify ideal clients, build targeted messaging and select digital channels. Learn how to establish your digital presence and use technology and tools. We will explore marketing strategies and FINRA compliance guidance when using channels like LinkedIn®, Facebook® and Twitter® and your Blog. Consider ways to right size your digital and social media marketing to build awareness, engage new clients and deepen existing relationships.


John C. Stone III, Revenue Architects, LLC


Understand the Guidance Issued by FINRA

Learn How to a Systematic Revenue Architecture™ Process Can Be Tailored to Your Personal Professional Objectives

• Identifying Strategies to Target Ideal Clients Create Regulatory Compliant Messaging on Social Media Including Linkedin®, Facebook® and Twitter®

• Establishing the Systems You Can Put in Place Including Your Visual Branding, Website, Social Media Profiles, Marketplace Presence, Content and Collateral as Well as the Technologies and Tools You Need to Execute a Model Week

• Executing Client Engagement Hands on, Using Social Media and Digital Tools to Reach and Engage Your Target Audience