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A Comprehensive Guide to Reg Z Open-End Credit Compliance

OnDemand Webinar (56 minutes)

Gain an understanding of Regulation Z and the potential compliance and risk issues.A Comprehensive Guide to Reg Z Open-End Credit Compliance reviews the open-end portion of Regulation Z, including history, purpose, coverage, and disclosures. The course will explain rules relating to billing errors, crediting payments, credit balances, and advertising. This material will go through the background, scope, compliance issues surrounding Regulation Z, and disclosure requirements. In addition, we will cover the regulatory issues and how to prepare for examinations.


Justin Muscolino, Tweezzle


What Is Regulation Z?

• Background

• Purpose

• Scope

Disclosure Requirements

• Why They Are Used

• Different Types

Error Resolution

Advertising Rules


• Background

• Scope

• Examinations

Questions and Answers