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Boundary Problems and Property-Line Disagreements

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Understand the limits of your land survey and better perform the service your client needs.Your telephone rings, you receive an email and/or a potential client drops by your office. They want you to perform a survey of their property, when can you come to the property and how much will it cost? You ask for the location of the property and their contact information. You thank them for giving you this opportunity to perform their land surveying services and began preparing a cost estimate for your land surveying services. Land owners, realtors, even attorneys typically do not understand what the professional land surveyor's services are. How land surveys are performed and what the land survey deliverables are. Will you be helping your client or making their situation worse. Realtors typically resist having land surveys performed because they may cause delays in closing the purchase and sale of the property. Land owners, attorneys and some land surveyors typically think a land survey is all about putting corners in the ground. They do not see the land surveyor as a professional service, a tool, in the management of their property. We will discuss the ins and outs of asking the client Why do you need the survey?


Bruce Ayers, P.L.S., Ayers Consulting, LLC


What Are the Land Owners Goals and Expectation for Your Land Survey?

• Does the Average Land Owner Know What They Are Ordering?

• Aren't All Land Surveys the Same?

• It's All About Price and Availability

When Should I Know My Clients Expectation for My Land Survey?

• Before or After I Sign Them up?

• Written Scope and Estimates Written Deliverables

Case on Point Example of Clients Expectation in Retaining Land Surveying Services

• Power Point Slides of Disputed Right-Of-Way and Resulting Litigation

• Clients Unrealistic Expectation in Resolving the Boundary Issue With a Local Municipality

Is a Professional Land Survey a Service or a Technical Application of Practices and Procedures?

• What Does Your Client Think?

• Can You Help Your Client Achieve Their Goals?

Why Do I Need to Know My Clients Expectations as Long as I Perform a Professional Land Survey of Their Property?

• Are You and Your Clients Expectations/Goals Aligned?