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Paralegal's Role at Trial

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Understand key strategies which all paralegals should understand before being a member of the trial team.A paralegal's role at trial is indispensable. The paralegal is responsible for ensuring that the attorney and the client have everything within reach to prove their case while using the time allotted for their case in chief efficiently. In the courtroom trial paralegals assist with voir dire, jury selection and exhibit presentation. Just like a theatre director, the paralegal coordinates all of the unseen elements of the trial. If these elements are not in place, they become obvious and will take away from the overall trial presentation. It is imperative that the paralegal be a proactive part of the trial process.


Dennis I. Wilenchik, Esq., Wilenchik & Bartness, P.C.


Overview: From Case Inception to Trial

• How to Ensure That You Are Involved in All Aspects of Trial Management

• Your Role as a Project Manager and the Trial Management Plan

• The Electronic Courtroom and Why This Type of Evidence Presentation Should Be the Norm and Not the Exception

Pre-Trial Management

• Treating Your Case From the Onset as If It Is Going to Trial and Will Be Appealed

• Project Management Timeline

• Document, Witness and Issue Management

• Preparing Trial Subpoenas, Jury Statement, Voir Dire, Jury Instructions, Verdict Forms, Motion for Directed Verdict

• Preparing Deposition and Examination Outlines, Exhibits and Witnesses

• Best Practices for Various Aspects of Trial Preparation, Including Checklists and Preparing Trial Notebooks and Exhibits

What to Prepare for at Trial

• Communicating With the Court

• Know Your Courtroom

• Judge and Juror Notebooks

• Demonstratives

• Development and Presentation of Evidence at Trial

• The Importance of Courtroom Technology