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Advanced Project Management for Paralegals

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Learn these advanced project management techniques to help you develop a workflow for your legal tasks.

Paralegals, legal assistants, other legal professionals and attorneys will benefit from understanding the principles of project management and their applicability in the legal business. Over 900,000 certified project management professionals work in nearly every industry in 200 countries to help make work more efficient and promote better outcomes. Learn how project management processes can be used to benefit the legal industry as well. In this material, former paralegal and law firm director Mike Quartararo, who now runs a successful legal technology consulting practice and who in 2016 authored the book, Project Management in Electronic Discovery, will elaborate on advanced project management principles and competencies for paralegals, including best practices for leading discovery projects, how paralegals can and should be lead e-discovery projects, how to marshal the necessary resources, and how to manage processes that lead to successful outcomes in modern day discovery projects - skills and practices that may immediately be put to use on active matters.


Michael Quartararo, eDPM Advisory Services


What Is Project Management?

• Project Management Background

• Project Management Process Groups

• Project Management Knowledge Areas

Defining Process

• What It Means to Develop a Process Workflow

• Inputs, Tools and Techniques, Outputs

• Developing a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Applying Project Management in a Legal Setting

• Understanding the Body of Work

• What Does Done Look Like

• Following the PM Lifecycle

Use Case: Project Management in Electronic Discovery

• Identifying, Preserving and Collecting Electronic Documents

• Processing Electronic Documents

• Document Review and Production