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Regulation E: Payroll Card Compliance

OnDemand Webinar (59 minutes)

Understand the issuance and restrictions associated with Regulation E for payroll cards.Regulation E: Payroll Card Compliance is part of the Federal Reserve System. It defines payroll card accounts and includes provisions of Regulation E and the regulation as they apply to payroll card accounts. This course will review the different components of Regulation E and payroll card compliance. The material will also discuss the regulatory requirements, protections, regulatory environment, enforcement, and having the right compliance program. If you are new to Regulation E, this is a must-have. If not, this course is a great refresher.


Justin Muscolino, Tweezzle


Regulation E: Payroll Card Compliance

• Background

• Scope

• Definitions

• Amendments


• Disclosures

• Access to Account History

• Limited Liability for Unauthorized Transfers

• Error Resolution Rights


• Background

• Scope

Questions and Answers