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Introduction to Individual Retirement Accounts(IRAs): Types and Contribution Rules

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Explore key concepts on basic IRA product features and benefits, contribution and distribution requirements.With retirement assets making up such a large portion of many clients' estates, paying retirement assets to trusts is becoming more and more prevalent. But a trust should not be named beneficiary of a retirement account without first carefully considering the provisions of the trust and the requirements necessary to obtain designated beneficiary status. The critical aspects of naming a trust as beneficiary of a retirement account and the ways to avoid some of the most common mistakes will be covered.


Michelle L. Ward, J.D., LLM., Keebler & Associates, LLP


Types of IRAs


• Contribution Limits

• Spousal IRA

• Income Limitations

• Deadline

Income Taxation

• Withholding

• Taxation of Distributions

• Early Distribution Tax

Required Minimum Distributions

Roth IRAs

• Holding Period

• Qualified Distributions

Bankruptcy and Investments

• Bankruptcy Protection

• Investments

- Prohibited Investments

- Prohibited Transactions