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Contract Basics for Paralegals

OnDemand Webinar (90 minutes)

Review your next contract with confidence - get a firm understanding of contract formation, essential terms and enforcement.Contracts govern the basic business and commercial relationships for most of us; yet for many the basics of contract law remain a mystery. There is often misinformation about such simple questions as: Is a handshake enough or do all the boilerplate terms of a contract really matter? This topic will address these and many more issues surrounding the formation and enforcement of contracts.


Sean R. Smith, Taylor English Duma LLP


What Is a Contract?

• Basic Elements

• Oral or Written

• Must Be Definite

• What Is Not a Contract?

How Are Contracts Made?

• Negotiations

• Agreement on Terms

• Written Contracts

• Oral Contracts

• Invoices, Purchase Orders and Other Forms

Why Are Contracts Legally Enforced?

• Benefit or Bargain

• Fairness

• Purpose Legitimate

• Your Word Is Your Word

Do All Terms in a Contract Matter?

• Price and Quantity

• Quality

• Implied Terms

• Boilerplate