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Construction Management Agency: Not at Risk?

OnDemand Webinar (102 minutes)

Better understand the liability of outsourcing the management and administration of construction projects to professional construction managers-agents.As in-house expertise declines, public and private owners of construction projects are increasingly outsourcing the management and administration of their construction projects to professional construction managers-agents. Use of professional construction managers can help protect owners from liability to other project participants because construction managers are often more knowledgeable and better qualified than an owner's personnel to properly address claims. Use of construction managers can also result in owners having increased expectations about the services that construction managers provide, including the adequacy and accuracy of cost estimating, scheduling, plan review, value engineering, claims management, payment, safety, inspection, and termination services. Increased expectations can lead to disappointment if the expectations are not met. Disappointment can lead to costly and time-consuming disputes that could potentially affect everyone on a construction project. This topic will help professionals in the construction industry develop a better understanding of the role construction manager-agents play in managing construction projects. Better understanding of the construction managers' role will result in better contracts, better expectations, and better working relationships among all participants. This information is critical for anyone who will or may participate in a construction project using professional construction manager-agents.


Scott Cahalan, Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP



• Agent in General

• Construction Manager Agent in General

Construction Manager's Potential Liability to Those With Whom It Contracts

• Contracts in General

• Torts in General

- Professional Negligence

- Misrepresentation

- Breach of Fiduciary Duty

• Specific Obligations

- Cost Estimating

- Scheduling and Coordination

- Plan Review

- Claims Management

- Safety

- Inspection

- Termination

• Acts Within the Scope of Agency

Owner's Liability to Third Parties for Construction Manager's Acts and Omissions

Construction Manager's Liability to Third Parties

• Tortious Interference

• Negligent Misrepresentation