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Effective and Strategic Use of Courtroom Objections

OnDemand Webinar (91 minutes)

These Effective and Strategic Use of Objections can give you a competitive advantage in the Courtroom.Identifying objections that can be made at trial is not difficult; there are numerous how to books and resources listing permissible objections. The challenge for trial lawyers is deciding when and how to make objections, and how to use the objection as part of the integrated trial theory. Just because the objection is there doesn't mean that it needs to be made. Conversely, how can you be sure you are prepared to make the objections that you need to make to advance your case theme, protect the record, and protect your witnesses? In this topic you will be taken through the nuts and bolts of objections with an overlay focused on considering objections within the broader concepts of your trial theme. You will have a better idea of not just the available objections, but how and when to consider making those objections as part of your integrated trial strategy.


Michael Ginsberg, Jones Day Thomas R. Jackson


The Strategy Behind Objecting at Trial

• Psychological Impact of Objections

• Objecting Consistent With Your Case Theme

• Objecting to Protect the Record on Appeal

• Objecting to Protect Your Witness

The Basics of Objections at Trial

• The Elemental Objections

- Form of Question

- Admissibility of Evidence

- Relevance of Evidence

• The Higher Level Objections

- Hearsay

- Capacity of Witness

- Privileges

• Expert Specific Objections

• Responding to Objections

Objections During Opening and Closing

• When to Interrupt Opposing Counsel

• How to Approach the Interrupting Objection

• How to Respond When Interrupted by Opposing Counsel