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How to Avoid and Correct Attorney or Expert Mistakes

OnDemand Webinar (92 minutes)

Learn how to address and correct a professional mistake.This topic seeks to provide guidance for attorneys who are forced to address the difficult situation when they have made a professional mistake. An examination of the ethical rules regarding an attorney's mistakes will provide guidance and parameters. A discussion on avoiding mistakes in your practice will also be had. Further, while working with an expert can be challenging, we will review how to avoid mistakes with them when utilizing them and how to address their mistakes when they arise.


Zachary B. Pyers, Reminger Co. LPA


Avoiding Mistakes as an Attorney

• Competency

• Communication

• File Management

• Delegation

Addressing Mistake as an Attorney

• Model Rule 1.4(a)(1), 1.4 (a)(3) and 1.4(b)

• Model Rule 1.7

• Addressing It With Your Superior

• Addressing It With Your Client

• Addressing It With the Court

Avoiding an Expert's Mistake

• Vetting the Expert

• Communication

• Providing the Necessary Documents

• Caring for the Expert

Addressing the Expert's Mistakes

• Revisions to Reports

• Errata Sheets

• Replacing or Supplementing the Expert's Opinions