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Current Issues in Real Estate Appraisals

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Gain valuable tools to maximize the benefits of real estate appraisal services in the coming years.Appraisers, attorneys, accountants, corporate managers, and wealth advisors are all keenly interested in real estate values, not only current values, but also how to optimize value and how value may vary and be best understood in complex situations. The appraisal business is changing rapidly, and both appraisers and users of appraisal services need to understand the implications for the field going forward. This course is designed not just for the valuation professional but also for users of valuation services in litigation, complex transactions, and wealth management situations.


John A. Kilpatrick, Ph.D., MAI, FRICS, Greenfield Advisors LLC


Big Picture

• Transactional Valuation

• Litigation

• Estates, Taxes, and Wealth Management

• Commercial Portfolios and Special Topics

Transactional Valuation

• Residential Appraisal

• Commercial Appraisal


• Increasing Complexity - Technical Acumen

• Real Estate Value vs. Business Value

• MAI vs. Something Else

• An Educator and a Communicator

• What Do the Courts Have to Say?

Estates, Taxes and Wealth Management

• Increasing Interest in Real Estate by Wealthy Households

• Estate Settlements - Probate, Intergenerational Transfers, Trusts

• Tax Issues - Rise, Fall, and Rise of Preservation Tax Credits

Commercial Portfolios

• FASB Fair Value Measurements (FASB 157)

• FASB 13 (Commercial Leases)

• November, 2019, Accounting Standards Update

• Valuation for the Real Estate Firm