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Structural Design Considerations: Construction Materials

OnDemand Webinar (86 minutes)

Know which materials are appropriate for the type of design of your construction project.

When renovating an existing building, there may be times when the type of structural materials used may be questioned in the design and construction of a project. How do we determine which material is appropriate for the type of design of the project.

This topic will help the professional involved to understand the various structural components used in the commercial construction, and determine the pros and cons of the various building components. We will discuss the pros and cons and delve into the cost considerations, fire and building codes and common problems discovered.


Lance L. Luke, CCC, CCI, CCPM, CSI, Construction Management Inspection LLC


Types of Structural Construction Materials

• Structural Steel

• Reinforced Concrete/Masonry

• Heavy Timber/Wood

Various Designs for Each Material Type

• Low-Rises, Apartment Buildings, Shopping Centers, Warehouses, Schools

• Mid-Rises, Office Buildings, Townhouses

• High Rises, Hotels, Office Buildings, Apartment and Condo Buildings

Considerations for Each Structure Type

• Comparisons Between the Three Main Structural Building Components

• Cost Considerations and Fire and Building Codes

• Common Problems Discovered With the Various Component Types