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Legal and Ethical Considerations For Non-Profits

OnDemand Webinar (86 minutes)

Attend this live webinar and gain a better understanding of common legal issues nonprofits face on a regular basis.Are you new to the nonprofit world? Do you have staff who have never worked for nonprofit before? This topic will cover all the legal basics of working for a nonprofit. You will be better equipped to avoid legal problems and speak knowledgably to volunteers on legal issues. Handouts will include useful guides for future reference.


Barbara F. Dunn, Barnes & Thornburg LLP


State Law Limitations on Nonprofit Activities

• Meaning of Term Nonprofit

• Restrictions State as Nonprofit Statutes

• Dueling Authorities: State Law vs. Bylaws

Fiduciary Responsibilities

• Standard Applied by Courts

• Duty of Care

• Duty of Loyalty

IRS Restrictions on Nonprofit Activities

• Categories of Exemption

• Meaning of Term Tax Exempt

• Definition of Taxable Income

Contract Law

• What Constitutes a Binding Contract

• Enforceability of Contracts

• Clause to Watch for

Anti-Trust Law

• Conspiracies to Restrain Trade

• Group Boycotts

• Criminal Penalties

Copyright Law

• Creators Own Their Work

• Fair Use

• Registration