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Change Implementation

OnDemand Webinar (99 minutes)

Learn how to effectively identify, analyze, document, and manage changes during a project.Almost all construction projects experience some degree of change. However, it is often only after the project has suffered schedule delays, cost overruns, or quality problems that these changes are given the attention they deserve. By that time, creating change orders for additional compensation and/or time related to these issues can become a time-consuming task with a highly uncertain outcome. Regardless of whether you are an owner, contractor, or material vendor on a construction project, there are common strategies to consider when implementing a successful change management program. This information will address the active management of change on construction projects from the perspective of contractors, subcontractors, and owners. It will discuss several key features of effective change management programs and provide insight on how an organization can more effectively identify, analyze, document, and manage changes during a project. Case study examples will further illustrate successful and unsuccessful change management strategies.


Cody Crawford, Interface Consulting International Michael Purtell, Interface Consulting International


Management of Change

• What Is the Management of Change?

• Why Is It Important?

• Key Risks to a Change Management Program

Identification of Change

• Determining a Program Baseline

• Progress Measurement and Selecting Key Change Indicators

Notification and Documentation of Change

• Provision of Notice

• Documenting Impacts of Changes to the Baseline

• Developing Change Orders

Change Order Disputes

• Contract Dispute Resolution Procedures

• Alternative Dispute Resolution

• Practical Implementation

Case Studies