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1099-S Reporting

OnDemand Webinar (103 minutes)

Learn how to complete the 1099-S form properly and accurately.When certain types of real estate are sold, the IRS requires that a Form 1099-S be filed. The purpose of this form is to ensure that sellers are properly reporting their gross proceeds and recognizing the property capital gain on the annual income tax return. This topic will help to explain the requirements for filing Form 1099-S and will provide guidance on how to properly complete the Form 1099-S. This information is a must for those who struggle with 1099-S reporting, as it will look into the details of when the form is required and how to complete it properly and completely.


Brian T. Lovett, CPA, CGMA, JD, WithumSmith+Brown


Introduction to Form 1099-S

• Who Must File

• Deadlines for Filing

• What Information Is Required

Types of Reportable Transactions

• Transactions Requiring Form 1099-S

• Exempt Transferors

• Exempt Transactions

Case Studies