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Employment Law Liabilities: Strategies to Keep You out of the Courtroom

OnDemand Webinar (90 minutes)

Avoid common mistakes often overlooked by employers.Many companies, large and small, do not routinely update their employment handbook, company policies and procedures, or trainings to reflect the most up to date federal and local laws and regulations. They also do not understand the importance of listening to a complaint made against their company and instead focus on proving the complainant wrong or ignoring them altogether. This topic helps the supervisors and human resources department understand not only the importance of staying up to date but also emphasizes how cost effective these measures are. Furthermore, the material also explains the methods for assuaging complaints with fewer complaints resulting in costly litigation or agency investigations. Failing to have a proper handbook or policies and procedures manual, coupled with a lack of training is the most common error employers make which could remove any shielding of liability when employees violate laws and regulations. Such omissions have often led to discrimination awards of many thousands of dollars. This information is critical for employers to have these safeguards in place so that their team is consistently following the policies and procedures and ensures compliance of the law with the best coverage from liability.


Millen Zemo, Steele Law Group


Kill Them With Kindness

• You Do Not Need to Prove You Are Right

• Act Within a Reasonable Amount of Time

• Investigate Any Complaint

• Document, Document, Document

Spend a Little, Save a Lot

• Handbooks- Have One, Use It, and Update Regularly

• Training- Inexpensive, Useful and Necessary

• Phone a Friend- HR and Your Attorneys Are Your Friends

Complaints Are Inevitable- Stay a Step Ahead

• How to Appeal to a Jury or Investigator

• How to Lessen Liability