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Staying Compliant with Incentive Pay

OnDemand Webinar (86 minutes)

Gain a better understanding on how to create and implement an efficient incentive compensation plan for employees.Congratulations, you have successfully designed a new incentive compensation program. However, you are not done yet. How do you know that your incentive pay plan is compliant with hourly staff rules? You may be creating an under-payment situation and might become liable to pay back-wages. Is your executive bonus plan creating a risk to your organization in the form of IRS mandated excise taxes? Do you have sales representatives in California? Incentive pay appears in several forms: broad-based general incentives, executive compensation and sales compensation. This topic helps you become educated on compliance topics after you have designed the plan. The material will also assist you with tools on how to design effective incentive compensation plans and how to assess current plans from both a design and compliance perspective. Recent studies cited will also share high-level statistics on the prevalence, participation rates and expenditures related to incentive compensation.


Sal DiFonzo, CCP, CBP, CSCP, Sibson Consulting


Prevalence of Incentive Compensation

• Publicly Traded Companies

• Privately Held Companies

• Nonprofit/Government Organizations

Designing Effective Incentive Compensation Plans

• 7 Best Practices

• Principles of Good Incentive Compensation Design

Staying Compliant With Incentive Pay

• Nonexempt Considerations

- Broad-Based Plans

- Minimum Salary Rule

• Executive Considerations

- For-Profit Rule IRS Section 162 (m)

- Nonprofit Rule IRS Section 4960

• Sales Compensation

- Higher-Education Caveats

- Minimum Wage

- Note on California