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1099 Reporting of Payments to Attorneys and Other Third Parties

OnDemand Webinar (98 minutes)

Identify and properly classify individuals.

Many employers have individuals classified as independent contractors who are more properly classified as employees. Federal and state agencies, and private attorneys through wage and hour class action lawsuits, actively prosecute and litigate companies for these errors. Improperly classifying employees can lead to a multitude of issues from the failure to pay overtime to improperly paying taxes. This topic will give employers the tools necessary to properly identify and classify individuals who work with their organizations, and provide employers with the ability to draft policies that protect their intellectual property and branding without creating additional employment liabilities. This material is critical for employers to develop the skills necessary to revise their policies, practices, and procedures to ensure compliance with both federal and state requirements.


Julie A. Proscia, Esq., SmithAmundsen LLC


What Is an Independent Contractor and How Do You Identify and Properly Classify Individuals?

• The Common Law Test

• The IRS 20 Factor Test (Although Revised, Still Important)

• The Notorious ABC Test

How Do Our Policies and Documents Help or Hurt Us?

• Noncompete Agreement - Good in Theory and a Killer in Practice

• Uniforms, Identification Badges, and Vehicles -- Oh My

• What to Do About Electronic Storage, Data, and Programs

It's Not Just the Department of Labor and the IRS You Need to Worry About

• Unemployment Compensation Audits

• Labor Relations and Discrimination Laws

• Negligence and Tort Laws