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Construction Contract Bid Errors

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Gain an understanding of bidding law and the legal issues surrounding the bidding.When a contractor places a bid on a project, what is the impact of that act or submission? Is a bid a contract? What if I make a mistake in the bid - how do I get out of it? What are the risks in bidding or accepting of the bids of other entities? What is foul play in the context of bidding that will expose contractors, subcontractors, owners, architects and engineers (and their employees and owners) to risk and liability, including potential criminal and civil liability? This material will focus on bidding law and the legal issues surrounding the bidding on both private and public projects.


Dorsey R. Carson Jr., Carson Law Group, PLLC G. Edgar James, James | Sobba LLC


What Is a Bid? Where Does It Fall in Contract Formation?

Enforcement of Bids and Bid Mistakes

Rejection or Selection of Bids

How Does Value Engineering Fit Into Competitive Bidding

Bid Rigging, Bid Shopping, and Acts of Foul Play in the Bidding Process

Civil and Criminal Liability Associated With the Bidding Process