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Best Practices for Collecting Information Using Public Records

OnDemand Webinar (95 minutes)

Learn how to access public records for the purpose of collecting information.Public records are a fantastic resource to the public, reporters and the legal community. Records can be used to verify information you may already know, or to assist in the discovery stage of your proceedings. However, accessing those records can be, at times, cumbersome, and many do not understand what should be done if the information requested is denied. Many also do not understand what can or should be done if an exemption is cited by an agency in response to a request. This topic will help you understand what constitutes a public record and how to obtain access to those records. The material will provide insight into federal access laws as well as a survey of state laws and where to access particular information. It will explain how to solicit and respond to denials or redactions of information. The material also explains how records can be used in litigation to advantage those who utilize them.


Giselle M. Girones, Shulman Fugate PLLC


What Constitutes a Public Record?

• Federal Law: FOIA and Agency Records

• State Survey of Public Records Laws

• Court Records

• Statements of Public Officials/Law Enforcement

• Miscellaneous Records

Obtaining Access to Public Records

• FOIA and Its Exemptions

• Survey of State Laws

• Soliciting Public Records

• Responding to a Denial for Requested Information

• Enforcement of Public Records Laws

How to Use Public Records

• Verification, Discovery, and Other Uses

• Ethical Considerations