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Best Practices in Mold and Moisture Remediation

OnDemand Webinar (94 minutes)

Make the best decisions for your project by understanding the guidelines, standards and complexities for mold remediation.The first mold remediation guidelines were written over 20 years ago. Since that time, experts in the industry have been working to continually refine and standardize the process of mold remediation. However, even with the development of new standards developed by industry groups, there are still a wide range of opinions concerning the best approach for mold remediation. This topic will discuss some of the guidelines and standards used for mold remediation as well as, provide more real-world examples, and experiences to help you understand some of the complexities of mold remediation, which will also aid you in making the best decisions for your project.


Dr. Ryan Kuhn, Ph.D., CIH, Dominion Environmental Consultants, Inc.


Conducting a Basic Mold Investigation

• Importance of a Comprehensive Visual Inspection

• Initial Moisture Investigation (Existing and Historic, Potable or Contaminated)

• Identifying Areas That Would Likely Harbor Hidden Mold

• Importance and Timing of Collecting the Correct Matrix of Data

• Importance and Timing of Recommending Possible, Temporary Relocation of Occupants as a Precaution to Protect Owners Liability

Published Guidelines and Recognized Industry Standards

• IICRC S520

• NY City Guidelines

• EPA Guidelines

• Others

Developing a General Remediation Plan

• Determining the Level of Owner Liability Protection Required by Owner

• Determining the Proper Remediation Containment Design

• Implementing Proper Personal Protective Equipment for and Remediation Workers

• Determine If the Remediation Needs Professional Project Design and or Oversight

• How to Handle Remediation of Affected Pre-existing Contaminated Building Materials

• How to Handle Remediation of Contamination Introduced Into the Project

Verifying the Success Level of Remediation Projects

• Detailed, Comprehensive Visual Observations

• Final Sampling - Yes or No

• Final Project Documentation

Case Studies

• Standard Mold Remediation

• Complicated Mold Remediation

• Potential Owner Liability Due to No Existing Regulatory Mandated Guidelines