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Impact of Rework on Construction and Practical Remedies

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Learn practical methods that can be used to reduce both the cost and time impact of rework substantially.Rework in the construction industry is frequent and well known. It is a drain on productivity, profitability, and timeliness of project delivery for both contractors and owners. Additionally, the need for rework can have spinoff or downstream impacts for all project stakeholders. Maintaining a streamlined and efficient workflow is one of the primary goals of any construction firm. However, whether due to a lack of skilled labor, miscommunication, or poor project management, countless jobs are extended beyond their scheduled deadline due to a significant amount of rework required to fulfill contractually obligated specifications. In this respect, lean construction can be a remedy to this problem to decrease time, effort, and a waste of materials. A growing number of firms are embracing the Lean methodology that emphasizes maximizing value for the customer while minimizing waste. This course determines and identifies the typical cost of rework on a wide range of project types. It shows how the cost of rework is frequently understated and provides an estimate of the real average value of rework. Identify the average impact of rework on project duration in terms of time as well as unrecoverable extended overheads and the cost of liquidated damages. Finally, the topic identifies several practical methods that can be employed by owners and contractors to reduce both the cost and time impact of rework substantially.


Dr. Onur B. Tokdemir, P.E., LEED AP BD+C



• Definition of Rework

• What Is Rework?

• Causes of Rework

Estimating the Cost of Rework

• Average Cost of Rework

• Summary of Rework Costs

• Indirect Cost of Rework

• Schedule Impact of Rework?

• Cost of Rework Caused Delay

• Estimated Cost and Time Impact of Rework

Some Practical Remedies

• Define Value and Identify/Eliminate Waste

• Establish Continuous Process Flow

• Solve Quality Problems Immediately

• Standardize Work Tasks and Processes

• Integrated Delivery Project Delivery

• Virtual Construction

• Stakeholder Involvement