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A Paralegal's Guide to Deed Drafting

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Learn how to correctly draft deeds by understanding requirements and potential pitfalls to avoid.Many paralegals are thrust into the situation of preparing a simple deed that will be relied upon by attorneys and clients and title examiners. What on first blush can appear to be a ministerial task of taking a prior deed and just changing the names and dates can be a Pandora's box waiting to happen. By understanding the premise behind deeds, the absolute requirements needed for their preparation and the various iterations that are appropriate under certain circumstances, paralegals can prepare deeds with confidence. Even more importantly, by understanding the variables and what can go wrong in deed preparation, a paralegal can troubleshoot and spot issues before they render a deed unenforceable. The topic explains the different types of deeds, when one deed is a better fit for the particular transaction, and how to ask the right questions and get the right information to draft with confidence.


Kevin Knight, de Beaubien, Simmons, Knight, Mantzaris & Neal, LLP


Deeds - What They Are and Who Needs Them?

• What's the Alternative to a Deed?

• Does One Size Fit All?

• What Questions Need to Be Asked and What Answers Need to Be Given to Prepare a Deed?

Types of Deeds

• Quit Claim Deed

• Special Warranty Deed

• General Warranty Deed

• Bargain and Sale Deed

When You Know You Have It Right/When You Find out You Have It Wrong

• Starting out on the Wrong Foot

• Muddling in the Middle

• Completing the Error of Your Ways

People and Things That Own Property

• Who Can Be a Seller/Transferor? Who Can Be a Buyer/Transferee?

• What Happens When You Get the Name(s) Wrong?

• What Happens When the Names Change?

Great Fails and Why We Shall Never Speak of This Again

• Buying Swamp Land

• It's All in the Follow Through If You're Just Passing by

• Six Eyes and Three Mouths Makes for a Happy Deed Monster