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Nonprofit Risk Management: Identify and Prevent Devastating Threats

OnDemand Webinar (84 minutes)

Learn the best practices to risk management for your nonprofit.Notice that feeling in your head/stomach? That point in time when you realize something bad is about to happen. This topic will embolden and arm you with the confidence to deal with difficult risk management issues before, during and after issues arise. We will overcome the common approach to risk management which is to ignore the situation and hope for the best. We follow that old saying of keep your friends close and your enemies (here addressing risky situations) closer. This information will cover real world situations that we all have or will face. Included are valuable forms and approaches which you will be able to use in your daily operations. As you are viewed as being on top of it in your organization, the morale and confidence of the organization will improve. This will certainly help you in your career, but more importantly this will help and protect your organization in a tangible way. Your approach toward risk management will shift from ignore and hope to identify and address.


Samuel J. Erkonen, Howe & Hutton, Ltd.


Organizational Liability in General

• Tort

• Contract

• Statutory

Common Hazards

• Negligence

• Safety and Health

• Service of Alcoholic Beverages

• Employment

• Negligence of Third Parties

Contract Liability

• General Rules

• Agency

• How to Get out of a Bad Contract

How to Reduce Liability

• Indemnification/Hold Harmless

• Insurance

• Waivers

• Avoidance