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Accounts Payable Best Practices

OnDemand Webinar (99 minutes)

Join the discussion of the newest best practice every organization should implement to reduce cost and maximize productivity.By reviewing this information, CFOs, controllers, AP managers and AP supervisors can learn how to reduce the expenses involved in the accounts payable process. The materials will include a breakdown of the most common practices for invoice boarding, invoice approval and invoice payment. Those practices will be contrasted with best practices to show how adopting best practices can reduce costs while improving performance in this often overlooked department.


Bill Becker, Recordsforce, Inc.


Overview of A/P Process

Invoice Boarding Current Practices

Invoice Boarding Best Practices

Strategies for Reducing Invoice Boarding Expenses

Invoice Approval Current Practices

Invoice Approval Best Practices

Strategies for Reducing Expenses and Making Money Via Invoice Approval

Invoice Payment Current Practices

Invoice Payment Best Practices

Strategies for Generating Revenue and Eliminating AP Expenses Via Invoice Payment


General Observations in AP