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Understanding Your Health Plan Renewal

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Gain insight on how to analyze and manage health insurance offerings and how to review competing alternatives and plans.The health plan an employer provides to its employees is often the second largest expense of the company - second only to payroll costs. It is important to annually monitor this substantial expense to ensure company resources are being utilized in a smart, efficient way while simultaneously maximizing the benefits participants have access to. This topic is designed to help anyone involved in the plan selection/renewal process. You will be provided with insight on how to analyze and manage health insurance offerings, information on how to review competing alternatives and plans, and key takeaways for understanding what drives up the costs of your health plan.


Rebecca Dobbs Bush, Esq., SmithAmundsen LLC


Annual Renewal = Your Health Plan's Annual Exam

• Fiduciary Duties to Consider

• What Guaranteed Coverage Renewal Really Means?

• Key Provisions to Monitor in Assessing the True Cost of Your Plan

Are You Maximizing Potential Alternative Benefits?

• HSA/HRA/FSA - Acronyms You Need to Understand

• Is It Possible for You to Consider a Self-Insured Health Plan?

• The Need to Manage Participant Education in an Era of Consumer-Directed Health Care

Wellness Programs

• Why They Can Save You More Than You Realize

• What You Can and Can't Do

• Alternatives for Structuring Programs That Can Reduce Your Plan Expenses and Increase the Health of Your Employee Population