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A Year in Legal Review for Open Source Licensing

OnDemand Webinar (71 minutes)

Join Marty Mellican, Associate General Counsel at Flexera, and Leon Schwartz, Associate at GTC Law Group, as they look back at 2019 and show us how open source trends are shaping open source legal responsibilities and approaches now and in the future.

From a legal standpoint, open source software (OSS) use forces lawyers and general counsel to step up their game and provide open source management leadership for the companies they represent. Take note, however, that the landscape is always changing.

In a Red Hat survey, 69% of IT leaders said that enterprise OSS was either very important or extremely important to their organization's enterprise software strategy. Open source affords all kinds of positive benefits and 2019 showed us that it's creating positive disruption in the world of digital transformation. Net, open source use will only continue to skyrocket.

Learn more about the most recent trends and legal impact in this webinar.


Marty Mellican, Flexera Leon Schwartz, GTC Law Group PC & Affiliates


How Legal's Role Is Evolving in the Age of Digital Transformation and With the Increase in Open Source Software Use

Recent Litigation and Overall Trends

Changes to Open Source Licensing That Affect Cloud Providers and Other SaaS Offerings

The OpenChain Project, Future ISO, and What This Means for the Future of Compliance Efforts

The Impact of a "Shift Left" Approach to Software Development on Open Source Tooling and Review Processes

The Ups and Downs of Bug Bounties

Questions and Answers