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Accepting Donations From Controversial Organizations

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Gain an understanding of proper gift accepting techniques and how to respond to a potentially controversial donation.In their eagerness to increase revenue, nonprofits can easily fall into the trap of accepting gifts from controversial organizations or individuals. By developing gift acceptance policies, nonprofits will be able to carefully and unemotionally evaluate the potential hazards of certain types of contributions, making the transfer of tangible items and monetary gifts easier and less traumatic for donors and the recipients. Failure to develop such policies not only violates Internal Revenue Service requirements but can put the organization in legal and moral jeopardy. Understanding gift acceptance issues is critical for volunteer and staff leadership of all nonprofits.


Marilyn L. Donnellan, MS, M. L. Donnellan, Author & Consultant


Problems With Donations

• Controversial Organizations

• Conflict of Interest

• Vision, Mission, Ethics, and Values

Purpose of Gift Acceptance Policies

• Definition of Terms

• Guidelines for Policies

• Issues Related to Donors and the Nonprofit

• Parameters for Denial

Step #1: Determine Content

• Table of Contents

• Donor Rights

• Nonprofit Rights

Step #2: Define Philosophies

• Vision and Mission Statements

• Ethics Statements

• Values Statements

Step #3: Develop Donor Bill of Rights

• Specific Considerations

• Examples

• Resources

Step #4: Develop Gift Acceptance Policies

• Forms

• Types of Gifts Accepted and Not Accepted

• Gifts From Controversial Organizations or Individuals

• Conflict of Interest

Step #5: Approve and Disseminate Policies

• Legal Counsel

• Approval Strategies

• Uses of Gift Acceptance Policies

• Examples